Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sorry it has been so long

Sorry it has been so long but not much to report on until now. No we haven't heard back from the judge that the petition was denied from the birth dad but we hope it is soon. We will have had Justin 6 months April 5. He came to us October 5 and I will never forget that day as long as I live as that was the day this little boy changed our lives forever. The adoption worker thinks she can finalize the adoption by May but without a finalization on the petition from the court we are kind of waiting while the agency is finalizing and tying up the loose ends so we can adopt him as soon as the petition denies. It is so wonderful listening to Justin call us mom and dad. I truly thought it would never happen because he talked so much about his birth parents but he choose to call us mom and dad. I write a journal for him of what is going on and that he started calling us mom and dad since March 1. It just is a huge step but now he is going through this thing where he has night mares about his birth parents taking him away. He keeps asking when he is ours and I tell him he is. He keeps saying I know but when is it official that my last name changes and I told him hopefully soon but every time the social worker or the adoption lady come over it just reminds him that this is not done yet. I hate that because he is trying to move forward and we are pushing him forward and telling him not to worry about anything because he is ours and will always be but he is a smart kid and tells that he understands but I know that it is in the back of his mind and I can't wait for that day in court to make it official. I know it is just a paper and to me we don't need a paper he is ours but to him it would mean the world and I think close that chapter of his life. I wish the system can see what it does to kids and how waiting all this time just gives them anxiety they shouldn't have to have. It just sometimes seems like they play a game see how much you can take. It is to me if I had him the 6 months and you recommend and tell us we are great parents for him and we have a tone of paper work and back round checks and all why can't you pick up the process for these children.
Well anyway since last Friday until now all Justin talks about is wanting a brother or sister. I think he is hearing the kids at school because every child in his class has a sibling and most of the kids in his class are the youngest. He I think hears the good stuff about how much fun they have and that and it makes him want to have a sibling. So on Monday when I went to pick him up at school one of the moms I always talk to (she also adopted and our sons are good friends) she brought he niece with her to pick up her son and he niece was probably 2 but Justin comes out of class in front of all the moms and says "where did you get that baby did you go to the hospital and pick he out and mom (to me) why can't we have a baby and think you and dad need to have a baby". My face was 5 shades of red. I know he is just a kid but I was just so embarrassed all I can do was laugh. The things that kid comes up with. He tells me on the way home from school can we go to the hospital and pick out a baby. I told him that is not the way it works. He said did those people (DHS) call you about a baby needing a home. I told him not yet. He then said well when are they going to call already. hahahah. He cracks me up and also asked me why can't I have babies. I feel bad I can't give him that. I know he wants a brother or sister so bad. He talks about how he will show the child right from wrong and tell them there alphabet, reading, and even teach them some Spanish words he learned in school. How cute. I hope they do call us. Ever since that call in February I always keep my phone now next to me so we are ready for the next child now that Justin wants a sibling it is hard. Well like everyone says everything happens for a reason. Well see where life takes me. I did have a person at work that thought there may be a potential to adopt a child but that fell through. The baby was due May 1 they decided to keep it and have mom help. We found out about in February after the first call about a baby but then we found out last we before meeting us they backed out. We were suppose to meet this Saturday but found out Tuesday they backed out. I really didn't hold my breath on that one because the girl seemed very unsure which left me with an unsure feeling. Everything happens for a reason I guess. I just try to keep the faith that one of these days I will be called and this child will be a big impact on our lives and family. I will keep you posted until then. :)

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  1. I agree, I hate how long the courts take to finalize things. Its all supposed to be in the best interest for the kids, but sometimes you have to wonder. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later.
    I think it is cute he wants a sibling, I hope something works out there. How great would it be to finalize and get a sibling in a short period of time?