Sunday, April 4, 2010


We colored Easter eggs yesterday and he loved it he had a lot of fun. It was everything I can dream of. I have been dreaming and imagining doing this with a child of our own for many years and finally my time has come and I can't put in to words how great that felt.
Today Happy Easter! The picture below he just woke up and he saw a gift from us. No it is not a picnic table but a table for sand on one side and water on the other for boat and cars and stuff with an umbrella so he doesn't burn while he pl ayes. He was very excited amongst all the other things we bought him for Easter. I know we spoiled him everyone keeps telling me but I feel like we have missed almost 5 years of his life and I feel like just want him to enjoy it as much as we do. When he would go wow look at this I am a lucky boy, I couldn't help but get a little teary eyed because he doesn't have any idea how lucky I am to have him. We tell him every day but I don't think he truly gets it. I get butterflies and teary when he gets so excited and I see that excitement because that is everything I couldn't wait to experience and these are moments I will never get back and I want to cherish them.
After eggs and gifts inside we went and took showers and dressed up for church and we let him find the rest of his eggs outside with his nice clothes on I now what was I thinking but it was the only way to get him excited about going to church and bringing some of the candy to church. Sorry some of these are side ways but I have not been feeling good today. It started yesterday and I think it is sinus. My head is killing me and my eyes are waterier, throat sore, nose running and ears pop when swallowing. Hope you all have a good Easter.

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