Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby clothes

Ever since I got that call in February for that infant from DHS I have thought about what if they call me today I will be ready. I don't think I want to do that. Before that call I was obsessed with the fact we were parents to Justin who is our dream come true. We were happy with just him for the rest of our lives until that call came in and all of a sudden my heart opened up to the idea of a baby. I don't like that I feel that way because I don't want to be greedy and I don't know if it is just the feeling because of loss that all my friends are pregnant or just had a baby that I feel lose that I can't have one or I didn't get to experience it but I know I am truly happy with Justin 100% but I have these thoughts and more so when a baby shower or a baby is born or even when I go in the extra share bedroom I think about it because I have all the baby stuff in there. I have clothes for both boy and girl clothes, burp rags, bottles, a little bear lamp and piggy bank, blankets, bibs, baby toys and even a play pen. I am honestly thinking about giving it to my mother in law and if I need a baby outfit for a friend I can just go over to her house. Everyone thinks I am crazy when I say that and I am wondering from fellow infertile blogging friends if you ever feel this way. When I say everyone says I should just store it out of site that is my family and friends even my mother in law said she will store it but she doesn't understand why I wouldn't just store it. I feel out of site out of mind and I feel like it is some kind of closer. I feel I might need that last closer. You know what everyone said after that RIGHT. You will probably get pregnant or get a call on an infant. I say out of sight out of mind and if it happens then the worst thing that can happen is I go over there and get it all back but do I truly think I will really get it all back. NO. Do I think I will ever get pregnant? NO Do I think I will ever get a call on an infant? NO. Could it happen possibly but the probability is no. I think we will adopt one more child and they will be older then an infant. I check websites for kids that are under 7 that need a home all the time but it just seems harder to adopt a child out of state. But anyway instead of changing subjects that is just how I feel and was thinking about packing it up this weekend and wanted to know what everyone thought. Am I being ridiculous? have others thought of this? what was you experience. I am thinking about packing it all up this weekend not sure yet see how much time I have. I just think this may be enough closer so I can just focus on my little boy. :)

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