Monday, June 29, 2009

Hi to new people to my blog and old friends

I everyone. I have made a bran new blog with no connections to my other one. For those of you who didn't follow me before my blog is . I have since decided to keep that blog only talk about stuff I was okay about everyone hearing. For those of you that are new to my blog I had the blog I have pasted and I discussed my journey to adoption. Some of the stuff I would talk about related to my life and the lives of others in my life with no names. Well all the people I know do not have blogs or and where not going through the same thing I was going through. So one of my friends got a hold of my blog website because I made these adoption fliers that I had put up in the colleges in case there was someone who was pregnant and thinking to adopt they could know more about me on my blog. Well one of my friends came with me to put them out. She asked if she could take 2 for her sister to put up at her college. Well what I didn't know is that friend typed in my blog which was fine but then put it on her face book page. That in turn had everyone knowing my business when I was not intending to share my blog with anyone other then bloggers who want to know what we or others in the same circumstance are going through. The blog was not to open to everyone in my life that I see on a day to day basis knowing my frustrations or triumphs unless I decided to share that with them. I just wanted to discuss this stuff with people who are going through it or who are interested in what is going on that don't know us on a day to day. I absolutely could have made this private and invited people but I wanted someone like my self who is looking for others that are going through stuff that I can relate to see there blog without am invitation is why I had made a totally different blog with no relation to the old and I kept my old blog for those in my life that were being nosey and wanted to see my blog they wouldn't try looking for my new blog if I already had an existing one. I hope for those who have followed would still continue being my friend and my new blog. I will keep the old but not talk about everything on that one like I will talk about on this one. I want to keep this one under wraps so if they are not blogers they can't find me here and for the picture that comes up when you follow people I am just going to put animals there so they do not recognize me if I have added this to your blog from my existing one. I know this is a mess and confusing but it won't be anymore and I just wanted to clear that up especially for my old blogging friends that have followed. At this moment we are still waiting for that day that we get a call that we are going to be parents. Until then I will try to keep you posted if I can weekly until then.