Friday, January 22, 2010

Sad story that I needed to share

This story comes from my county unfortunately where we are fostering our little guy from. This is sad but unfortunately the system failed this child and she is dead. It is sad story and hopefully children won't be in the system as long as they have in and out for year of there young lives like my little guy. It is sad because that is how I think of my little guy. I know about his bad past and I would be devastated if I hear this happened because the system failed. I have been complaining how much the system stinks especially in Michigan there are very different laws then in other states and this just broke my heart when I heard it but hopefully will help open the eyes of others to save these kids. Hopefully it will help me get my little guy as he has been through similar situation. Not that he had any siblings prior who have died but other things were very similar which makes me sad and scared for my little one. Please read to understand how hard it is to give back a child when you know bad things are happening and you can't do anything about it but hope the system works.

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  1. What a heartbreaking story. Why did CPS put that child back in that situation? WHY! I know we'll never know, but someone needs to speak up for these children.
    I'm so glad your little guy has you to show him what normal families are like and how parents love their children.