Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well no final decision was made today as I was told it would. The judge didn't show and the referee was there which mean he make recommendations and gives it to the judge to sign off on and said we should know in a week or 2. I have the social worker coming tomorrow so I should know more then of what she thinks. I can't go in to detail of course but the case was very strong for the mom and not so strong for the dad. They didn't do a good job on the dad. There was so many things they didn't do. I told my husband I am tempted to write the judge a letter telling him the things that child tells us and knows. I don't know if that can hurt us or if it is allowed. Can anyone tell me that. My husband wants me to ask the social worker but she hasn't done anything for us thus far. She doesn't tell us anything about our little guy or his back round. I told her about a reliable source that she should talk to so that person can go on the defence and she didn't do anything with it even though it would help. The made it as if parents are great and did everything for this little boy when it is not so. I know you shouldn't think negative but I am giving you my gut right now is telling me that rights will be term on mom but visitation will be for the dad. I don't want any of this. I just want to adopt a child and we love him more then any ting. BY THE WAY the positive is we were granted the right to go on vacation with him. But can anyone tell me what would happen if they know if I sent the judge a letter?
ahhh I am just so frustrated. My social worker didn't even come back for the 2nd part of the court. What the heck. Everyone around me is either pregnant or are matched or adopting and here I feel like we might loose what means more then the world to us. I pray to god that he is on our side on this because I know what he will be like if he goes back to them. He will follow in there foot steps and probably be in trouble with the law. ahhh. I can't bare it. Any way I will let you know more when I can. I just needed to vent. Thanks for letting me vent just got home an hour or hour and a half ago and things are still fresh. Thanks


  1. Keep your head up, I know it is hard we are going through a lot right now with our little guy. Just love him and cherish him and know that God is in control. I know that is hard sometimes because I tell myself that everyday but I do let doubt and fear slip in and then that is when I am miserable.

  2. I would try to talk to the social worker again...does the little guy have a CASA (Court appointed Special Advocate?), if he does, that would be a great person to let know about these things.

  3. oh...I just sent you email, let me know if you didnt get it.

  4. Just love him and cherish him and know that God is in control.

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