Monday, January 18, 2010

Fosting my little guy

Well the social worker talked to us the other day and says court went well. We thought it was not strong for the bio dad but she said since the court is open to the public there are somethings that they can't bring up in court. Those things are what I was talking about. I guess she said there is some privacy and if arrested or police were called there were some of those things that couldn't be brought up in court but the good thing is it is documented for the judge to see and rule on. I pray that this little guy is ours.
I truly to commend the people who can foster and give the child back to parents after fostering. I must be somewhat selfish because it would kill me to give this little guy back. In my mind all we have done and cradle him when sick and kissing boo boo's and teaching him and bringing him into our family he just seems like ours and like we have known him forever. I love this little guy to death and couldn't imagine giving him back especially now knowing the situation. I commend those who can. I am sure it is hard. For those of you that don't know I offered to foster children to adopt. Meaning I put down that if rights are going for termination or are terminated that I want to adopt and foster to adopt as to not have to give kids back because I get to attached. I think my other problem is I see all these kids out there that I want to bring in my home but husband told me I love kids to much and have a big place in my heart for them. I think it is just like animals I get emotional for kids and animals because they have no say. You have to be the person that helps and saves them. I get said when St. Jude comes on or the neglected animals. I don't cry much but when those come on I am a mess. I feel like how could anyone do that to them. You just want to scoop them up and help them and keep them safe forever. At least that is how I feel. I have been looking on different places to look for a child to adopt that would hopefully be around my little guys age but my husband keeps shooting me down every child I show him. He always say about how much work our little guy is but he also says how our little guy always wants to be played with 24 hours a day which can be draining sometimes. I have so much fun but sometimes you are trying to get stuff done like laundry and dishes and all the other chores and he is looking at you asking if you will play and you feel horrible saying no because I have been waiting for this forever but I just need a few minutes and I told my husband he doesn't have anyone but us. He doesn't play with kids and that is why he needs to learn to play with kids and that hopefully another child will come in our lives and he will have a brother or sister if all goes well. I know don't rush anything but I have been thinking about this since Christmas when he said it would be nice to play with some kids with my toys. I felt like that was his way of asking. I just have a huge heart for kids and we always wanted more then one so they would always have each other and do the same things Tim and I remember doing with our siblings. I am just so grateful to have this little guy. He puts such a smile on our face and lights up our days. Of course we have are days or moments that are not the best but what is perfect. No child or even I gave birth to a child would it be like that. I am just happy that we meet him and hope he becomes our and we can share a bunch of pics that we haven't been able to show you yet of him. :)

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  1. I'm always so glad to come here and read that things are going well. And it's okay to let the dishes pile up, in the long scheme of things it the memories you make with this little guy that you will cherish.
    Praying hard that things can be finaled out soon so he can be a permanent part of your family.