Thursday, August 27, 2009

No news yet

So you know I said that e-mail I got last Wednesday said my social worker would know more and get back to me by the end of next week. Well it is the end of next week. Well technically it is not Friday yet but it is 4:08 on a Thursday. So I decided to e-mail her. Of course I am anxiously waiting to hear. You know what my husband told me that didn't make me feel better. He said "well babe, you can't get your hopes up and if she hasn't e-mailed or called us yet it must not be legit". How is that suppose to make me feel better. I watched the video "The Secret", where they tell you if you are positive and you know what you want it will come to you. If you think about the good things, then good things will happen and if you think of bad thing, bad things will continue to happen. I can agree with this to an extent. But some days it is extremely hard to look on the bright side of things, especially lately. Well in the video it said you should practice and it will come more easily to you to think positive. Then it stated to help you can write a list of the things you are grateful for which I have and write what you want a bunch of times to keep the positive momentum going in your head. So instead of that I took a piece of paper and wrote on in in big letters " We will have those 2 little boys from DHS by Labor day!". Oh yeah they said to set a goal that is obtainable to have your wish come true. Well I took this paper and I put it in front of my computer at work so I can remember and today when I was working at home I put it in front of my computer as a reminder. Well I have been doing this since Monday when I started to feel like this might not happen and I wanted to get into it. Well it has been working but then today it started not working. I started to get some doubts, which in turn is when I e-mailed the social worker. I know I am jumping to conclusions but do you know in this week of waiting feel like 3 months of waiting. It feels horrible. Every day checking my phone and e-mail, even calling Tim to see if any news and stupid me he says don't you think I would have called you. I know I feel neurotic. I just want that happy ending in the end. To be a mother as I have always dreamed. I know I still have some time, but I know tomorrow is Tim and I's 5 year wedding anniversary and we are leaving for Trevor City for our 5 years. I wish I knew before I left. Hopefully she will e-mail tomorrow because today it probably to late. Cross your fingers and pray for me PLEASE! Pretty Please (hahahaha). Talk to you all soon.


  1. There is a great blog, She has talked in the past about foster care and how you need to stay on top of the case worker. They are very busy trying to find home and fix homes for tons of children, not just the two you are inquiring about. Maybe she's been too busy to email and maybe she has been so busy she has forgotten to email. Stay on top of her in a reasonable way. Maybe not contact her every day, but maybe every week or every other week at least. This will help, because with constant contact, you will be on her mind a lot more. Even if it doesn't work out with these two boys, when another situation comes up, she will be more likely to remember you.
    Also on this blog I just mentioned she does a great feature every Monday. Here is the link, Each Monday she highlights a couples kids ready for adoption in the foster care system. She covers a few different states. It's my favorite part of Monday, she always has such cute kids!
    I'll keep you in my prayers.

  2. The process is a pain in the butt for sure, and unfortunately you have to hound some workers to get responses.