Thursday, August 20, 2009

When opportunity knocks

Well have 2 things I am excited to share with all of you. I have made a new blogging friend names Angela. She e-mailed me personally this information and I asked if I can share it with all of you for inspiration and to help with advertising. She said that it would be great. I will leave out her last name just in case for privacy but I would like you all to read this e-mail I was sent then hear my exciting news after.
Angela writes:
Hey, sorry to contact you personally and not comment on your blog, but I was just reading it and it brought back many memories! We have adopted 2 wonderful children, you can see their pictures on my blog at I am adding new videos of our 2 year old sometime today. Anyhow, I had a few suggestions for you, we did not go through fostering, so I don't know if you can do any of this. But we ran marketing campaigns for our adoption. We used, which cost us about $100.00 per month, but we got our first baby in about 2 months. The second, my husband just started a company that runs landing page campaigns and it is Hopefully these can help, but the agency told us, we are not marketing, we are just your legal team, if you want a baby, put yourself out there. It was crazy, I felt like I was running singles ads, but it was worth it. We put in our Christmas letter that we had adopted and we wanted to adopt more, and what do you know, that is how we got our newest one. She is 5 months old and we are about to finalize on her on September 9. It has been the best experience of my life. We went through 7 years of infertility treatments, surgeries, heartbreaks, and now that I see those little babies and they reach out for me and call me mommy, it makes it all worth it. I know that God had a plan for me and it was to not be able to have my own children. And it has been amazing working with the birth mothers, they both say the same thing. God had a plan for them and it was not to keep those children but to be a vessel to bring them to our family. I know now, you will have heartache, but one day it will work out the way it is supposed to. If you need anything, let me know. I love hearing stories of people adopting. So many people are set on IVF or other treatments, I have heard many comments, I don't think I could love them as much. HAHAHAH! I think they are loved more! Our children are so special and it was amazing when and how we adopted them. They are special children and they deserve the best of homes! Anyway, sorry for rambling, I just read your blog through a common friend of ours and wanted to wish you LUCK on your journey. It is a roller coaster, but it is a fast and scary ride!Thanks,Angela
I thought this was some great inspiration and good information to share with those that are interested in the sites. I just have to say thank you so much Angela for sharing that with me and allowing me to share this information and your story with others. I think it really help and I know it helped me and thank you.
For my new news. I have been my social worker or the lady who came over to do my home study and who is currently my social worker because I had not heard back from her. I also e-mailed her because on that website from Angela ( I went on the website and saw to really cute kids that were 6 year old girl Lexis and 2 year old brother Jayden and they were from Maine and cute as a button and I wanted to know if my social worker could look into it. I e-mailed her last Friday she finally e-mailed me back yesterday stating that she was wondering if we would be interested in two boys. She said they may be looking for an adoptive home for them but she won't know more until the end of next week. She said there ages are 2 years and 3 month and 1 year and 2 months. She said for us to let her know if we are interested. Well of course I e-mailed here right away then she actually e-mailed me back to give me any information she knows. She said one child was born 11/22/06 and the other 12/17/07 both are brothers, she didn't give a name, she said they are caucasian and the oldest has been in foster care since 7/13/07 then tried to reunite and it was unsuccessful and the younger child has been in foster care since 2/11/09. She stated there current foster parent is not certain she can care for three small children long term because she is fostering another child who is 1 years old in her care and so they said they may be looking for a permanent family for these children. She said when they hear more she will let me know. yeah! There is no guarantee that this is even going to happen but it is an opportunity and I am not getting my hopes up as to not get hurt but I am excited. My birthday is on August 23 and I will be 28 and my husband says maybe this is our month like I said that things will start to look up for us. We just paid our money down on Tuesday for the hotel for our anniversary vacation on the 28th-30. We will see what happens oh well this is what I always wanted is what I told Tim. We already spent how much money to be at this place to adopt what's some money that we loose on the hotel as long as I get my dream of becoming a parent. I am happy as can be. Yeah I am excited and happy. Please everyone pray for me that these are my babies. I hope it happens and I truly do appreciate everyone's support that they have shown. Thank you again! :)


  1. That is awesome that they are looking at you for a sibling group. I hope they are your babies, that would be so wonderful. You are in my prayers!!!!!

  2. It sounds like a great situation. I'll be praying for you!!

  3. I found your blog through another adoption blog that I read. I hope and pray you get your child soon. My husband and I just recently started the adoption process, and it pulls at the heart strings in every way possible.

    That was so sweet for someone to email you some advice. I am always amazed at the kindness of strangers, which is why I love the blog world. :-D

  4. my friend Angela is awesome! I miss her dearly! She has the cutest kids ever

  5. oh shoot I forgot to say....hiphip hooray on the developments with the kids, if it is ment to be it will happen! I hope this pans out for you guys!!!