Monday, September 21, 2009

Share some pictures

We went up north this weekend with friends and I captured some of the most beautiful pictures.
In the morning it was freezing. It was in 30 in the morning but by afternoon was 70's and gorgeous. I just thought you would all enjoy these pictures.We actually got a call this today. Those 2 kids I watched they said grandparents didn't want to take of them and they need a place to be watched for 2 weeks until going back to mom. Luckily they called Tim and not myself. Tim told them that we spoke to them and said unless they are able to be adopted that we didn't want to get attached. It broke my heart. I know Tim did the right thing because he used his mind instead of his heart. I would have answered with emotions and said yes when it wouldn't have been best for us or the kids. I just feel so bad because the kids have been moved from one grandparents house, to our house to another grandparents house and now are going some where else which is way to many homes. Tim did ask why it was the grandparents couldn't watch them for another 2 weeks and they said because they can't keep an eye on both of them. Tim thinks the 3 year old boy was acting up. He is just on the wilder side. He likes to move. He loves being outside and playing and I loved to play with him so I guess I am young enough to keep up with him. I just think he is understood. If he keeps moving how can he have respect for any adults when he is not in a stable environment. It is just said and breaks my heart and makes me feel like foster care is defiantly not for us unless we could adopt. This was hard and I still think of the all the time. I also work though so it is hard to be there for just 2 weeks. If I was adopting these kids or fostering them to adopt them I would defiantly take the time off to be with them for a few weeks but not if they are not going to be ours. Well I struggled with sharing any pic's of the kids. I did find a picture with out there faces so I figures I can post it. Sorry for those who don't know but I can give up personal info that can link who these children are. I have heard I can post a picture of them as long as you can't see there picture so here are the 2 cutes. I wish I could so you a better one but it would be with there face. A friend at work knew a neighbor that adopted through another fost adopt agency and said there were a ton of infants that rights were terminated and so they gave me the info and I figured I would call and see what it was all about. I will give more info when I know.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!! I wish I could be there in real life to see that gorgeous area. You take awesome pics.
    Sorry about the situation, I know it's tough to say no, but I think you were right, you would just be setting yourself up for heartache and even though you want what is best for those boys you also need to look out for yourself. Keep yourself strong so when the time comes to be parents you can be fully prepared. Those are some cute pics of the boys and I'm glad you got a few days with them. I hope you were able to touch them in a way that they will never forget you.