Tuesday, August 2, 2011

update on the kids

So I am at work on lunch so limited time but kids came over around 6. I have to admit I was so nervous and so was Justin and Tim. They came cute as can be, polite. I know honeymoon phase but the social worker told me they are great and aunt who can't adopt them because of illness prepared them this last week and a half so they were excited when they came. They told me how nice our house was and how they can't wait to live here forever. And the 7 year old girl asked me if she can call me mom and I told her to wait until she feels comfortable but she felt this desire to jump into our family and fit in as if she has always been here which was great she included Justin which was my fear but she was great with him. The little guy who turns 4 next week is also cute as a button and both very outgoing and nice kids. The workers told me 7 year old would be a pleas er because she always is with everyone. But Justin is jealous especially to the 3 year old. He needs more time obviously but Tim is getting all frazzled about how this is going to effect Justin. I told Tim "you asked for kids that didn't have to many issues and they don't. You asked for kids who want to be part of a family not like we are forcing them into the family and they are more then willing to jump in and you asked that Justin not be left out and they get along, the 7 year old always included Justin in everything, was friendly with him and got along it is just Justin was being mean and acting out from jealousy" I explained to Tim. But he doesn't want Justin to regress or anything. I explained to Tim what if I was pregnant then Justin would have to adjust to that how do you think he would feel same way.Tim is a little overwhelmed with 3 kids but like I told him not everyday is going to be like it was last night. Don't get me wrong they slept good and all but we didn't have a routine in place yet and we will work into one and it won't feel so hectic but my husband just worries about Justin and if we can do it all. I just feel this way if it was meant to be it will be. So right now we are there foster home until we decide or the courts bring this to adoption. I will keep you posted. Like my job thus far. I like my new position everything is going well except for the craziness all at once I hope things will turn around and I am sure they will. talk to you soon.


  1. Thanks for the update. Sounds like they will fit right in. It is perfectly normal for Justin to regress a bit. Just hang in there with him and when you reach a new normal in your lives he will be fine. Fun and exciting times. Keep me posted. :)

  2. I think the thing to remember is this is foster care. With pregnancy, you get 9 months to prepare for a new one. 9 months to explain to other siblings how this will change things. 9 months to figure out a new schedule. And you get to start from a new baby with a clean slate.

    With foster care, you don't get those 9 months. You are lucky to get any time at all. And there is no blank slate. You are merging families and that will take patience and work. A lot of each.

    There is no perfect formula to build a family. Just trial and learning. Good luck!

  3. Hope things are going well. Looking forward to the next update. {Hint hint} :-)