Wednesday, August 24, 2011

have a question I will tall you more later

Did anyone or has anyone known of someone who adopted when child is on methadone and being weaned off? If so how did it turn out? What is mom did heroin and opiates? Anything to watch for? I researched it but didn't find as many bad things as if mom did alcohol which is surprising to me because I thought drugs were worse for a baby.

Off the subject I turned 30 yesterday and it was good and bad. The good parts I will explain later but the bad was the kids had visit with dad and was told they are being taken out of the house and they were not happy and made me sad for them. It will be a crazy and emotional day tomorrow. I was packing the kids stuff today and I can tell 7 year old girl is trying to take stuff out of the bags so she can hide it so she has a way for us to connect. I explained to her that this is not good bye just see you later. After meeting dad 2 times now he seems to like us and we offered that if he ever needed us to watch the kids we would be more then happy to help him out and he actually seem to mean it when he said I might have to take you up on your offer. The social worker said he probably will call you which is fine with us. I gave 7 year old girl a journal today and I wrote on the last page to her and gave her our number in case she ever wants to contact us or if she needs us we are there for her and it seemed to put her at ease she is already planning when she is coming back but I had to explain it has to be okay with dad. So crazy month emotional birthday with ups and downs and tomorrow will be ruff.

I was just wondering about my above question and I have been trying to look into this heroin with mom and child being weaned off methadone not sure if from personal or know someone to give me heads up on this research would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. I will keep you posted.


  1. I have heard before that Alcohol can be worse on fetus. I do not have any experience with adopting a baby coming off meds. I did have a new born placement once , he would jerk his little arms from time to time. I am not sure what type of drug mom was on. I have also heard of infants crying til age 1 yo. - 18 months. It seems like I read about pathways in the brain being effected from drugs that causes the crying.

  2. I just googled....Blogs adopting baby addicted .. There were several post in an adoption forum that came up as well as blogs. Hope this helps, good luck.

  3. Both of my babies were born addicted. We got both at birth and the with drawals were rough on them and us. Lots of discomfort, screaming, crying. More with Peyton who was an opiate baby. Britton had opiates and meth (not methadone). And his withdrawals were not as bad. You can pull up some of my previous posts under "drug addicted baby" to read about some of the withdrawal stuff. As far as long term my babies are right on target it seems. Peyton is very smart and seems to be right on track. Britton seems a little slower to do things but still on or close to on track. Would I recommend adopting a drug addicted baby? Absolutely no question. Alcohol, on the other hand is a much more serious permanant situation. Alcohol causes permanant brain damage in the child. Email me if you have some specific questions. Hope this helps. Kelly

  4. Absolutely, yes I would recommend adopting a child addicted to drugs. (I went back and read what I wrote in the previous comment and wanted to make sure I was completely clear.)