Monday, June 6, 2011

What my Decision was on the procedure

So up until yesterday I thought I was having the endometrial ablation done. Well I have been asking my husband to look at the pentathlete for the procedure for week and do you think he did no. No that is until yesterday he decided to pick it up and he told me no he didn't want me having it. I was shocked because number 1 that he read about it and 2 because he told me no.

He stated that we have not used protection in how many years and this procedure you need to use protection or if the off chance I were to get pregnant that it is life threatening to myself as well as a baby. I guess when we read about it more online about what it has done to others who were as young as myself they would get pregnant not know they were pregnant because a lot of the times you don't get a period with the procedure the baby dies of course in most cases because there is no lining in the uterus since burned away by procedure and people have dies from the poisoning in there blood stream and issues with the other organs. I told my husband but what are our chances of that ever happening and he says with our luck it would happen and he didn't want to take any chances because he couldn't live with himself it did happen. So I am not going through with it. Not sure what else to do about the problems like the bleeding and spotting and painful periods. Right now I am just on birth control and was planning on being on it for a few months and getting off hope it regulated it.

Okay so this weekend is the match party coming up. My mother in law keeps telling me to not consider any sibling groups because she thinks that will effect Justin as the siblings will have a strong bond to one another and Justin will feel left out and it might hurt him. Any one have any thoughts on this? I am not sure if I am thinking the right way and is she correct? Not sure and was wondering about suggestions. Thanks


  1. I have never been to a match party, but how exciting. Follow your heart and your mind and seek God's will as far as age and single vs. sibling group. You will know. God will give you and your hubby a peace about if your child is at the matching party.

  2. One of my email groups has been discussing an Endo diet. I have an email I want to send you, could you please email me at sourbon [@] yahoo. com?

  3. Never mind, I found your email. Be checking your inbox. :)