Monday, July 11, 2011

It has been a while

Sorry it has been so long. We have been so busy with summer now here. We have been going up north every weekend and just has a day summer camp her goes to. No we don't have any foster kids in the home but just waiting for that call we all know can come at any moment and gods way of telling me this was what was suppose to happen for you. I had a call about 2 month again on a 7 month old but when I called them back to say yes they already found a family which was a bummer.I only took less then 5 minutes to give them an answer and now I learned I need to give them an answer on the spot even though it changes our whole life in a secound.

Justin is doing good. He loves going up north and he loves his day summer program at the school. On Tuesday they go on field trip and Wednesday bowling and Thursday swimming at the city pool. I only take him there 3 days a week. I could take him 5 but why when I am home on Monday and and get home by 11:30 on Friday's. It is nice for him though so that he can play with kids his own age. It gets him out and get him to stop begging for a sibling to play with now that it is summer adn he is home so I thought it was a good idea. At first my husband thought it was a waste of money since My mother in law can watch Justin on Tusday and Justin could stay home with me when I work from home but that is hard to do when you work from home and Justin doesn't understand that I have to work he wants me to constanly play and I can't tell him go out side and play because he has no one to play with and I can't go an play when I work from home I have to get in 11 and 12 hours in in those 2 days. When Tim picked him up at camp he saw that Justin had a blast and it changed his tone about the camp.

Tim and I have been pretty good. I did have to go to another baby shower yesturday and as those who will not get to experience them it is not always easy to go to them. And for some really intersting story that will be hard for you to believe. We had got a call this Saturday night while up north that a pit bull was attacking my car. I know crazy right. We didn't understand the call either from an across the street neighbor. We had left to come come home 3 hours away because we wanted to know what was going on and that sounded like a crazy story. It was 1:10 in the morning by the time we got home and my car was trashed. The pitbull that we have no idea where it came from or whose it could be tore up my car. He was locked in our cage in our backyard my neighbor through a bone and food in there to lor it in and when we got home the pit bull was in there. For my car: the bumper was ripped off around the wheels where the paint was bitten and bent all up and claw marks and bit mards where all over my car. My mirrors will have to be replaced. I could not believe a pitbull whould attack a car number one and be able to do the damage it did to my vehilce. The dog barked all night we called animal control but since it was 1:30 in the morning they said they were short handed and it could take 3 hours well we were tired and jsut wanted to go to bed. We called the next morning the police could not believe what she saw she even call on other police to see my car and they couldn't. beleive it. She took pictures and wrote us a police report and as she was there the dog almost excaped our fence he had bitten a whole in the fence and moved out fence like a foot from where it was suppose to be. This was crazy we are waiting for our insurance to call us as we e-mailed in our claim. See pictures for this crazy story. Scary enough was god forbid we were home and Justin was outside like he usually is. fewwwww

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