Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Peace and harmony

I am sorry but I haven't had much to report except we have been doing great. I was going to post about it to see what others would do. The issue is Justin has these sudden outburst that are uncontrollable. We have been trying to make sure Justin take control of his actions and to not lie or blame others and fess up. Well 2 Sunday's ago he lied and looked me right in the eyes and Tim and just kept saying he didn't do it. The bad thing to say is he is a good lier. He can look you dead in the eye and not flinch which is kind of scary for only being 6.

Well we got him to admit he lied and we told him he had to go in the corner for his time out and he went ballistic. I mean screaming so loud at the top of his lungs in your face and his face we red as all can be and he was steaming. He has gone in time out many times and we are consistent on time out he knows he has to go if he lies, if he hits or tries to cause any harm (bite, scratch etc), if he doesn't listen when we give him a warning or if he is in the yellow or red at school. He knows this and we are always consistent on it and we stick to our guns every time as to not cause mix messages.

Well he lied and just went absolutely crazy. He was like I said screaming "your putting me in time out for not reason," "I am not going in time out I didn't do anything" after he just admitted he lied. We were trying to explain to him and we did explain when we told him that for lying to us you get 6 minutes in time out so it was clear as to why he was going there but he didn't want to hear it. We picked him up to put him in time out and I mean he was just in attack mode. We tried everything talking to him to calm him down before putting him in time out, my husband tried holding him he just wouldn't have it finally I thought of what a blog friend from "Twist and Shout" said she would put him in a cold shower until he calmed down because he was explosive. I tried and that only added to the fire he was so irate that he started getting so worked up he was screaming then hyperventilating we were giving him water to calm down we were telling him to breathe he just didn't stop shouting and fighting with us even when we tried a hug. I finally just threw my hand in the air after 2 hours of emotions and walked away and just didn't answer to the behavior because I couldn't. I didn't know what more to do and my blood pressure I could feel was rising. He then seemed to start to calm down. He gave my husband and I a hug and said he was sorry. I told him that was okay and that I love him but that he still has to go in time out for what he did and went no problem. The rest of the night he was snugly and cuddly.

Right after that happen he has been awesome ever since. Are family feels as peace and harmony. I feel like we just had a great weekend. We went up to Mount Pleasant and enjoyed the in door pool and out door Jacuzzi, and we had some fun at the arcade with Justin. He was on great behavior. Of course had warnings like any kid but just was nice to feel calm and fresh and having fun. It was a breath of fresh air.

We went to the doctor yesterday and I am proud to say Justin is caught up with him immunizations till he is 12. Yeah. I don't know if I told you but bio mom signed for Justin not to have any immunizations the first 5 years of his life so when DHS found out that right were terminated last February we started doing him immunizations. It has been a year and lots of shots and doctor visits but after a year we are finally caught up. The poor little guy. I felt so bad. He is terrified to see the doctor because of all the shots and procedures done on him. I felt bad holding him down for the shots. I knew it is for the best but he is not a baby he remembers this and has had many upon many immunizations in 1 year he had to be caught up to a 6 year old. It was a lot like 4-5 shots a time. His poor little legs and arms. But we spoiled him with any where he wanted to go out to eat and he got a $3 monster truck and he was pretty happy.

We just love him so much and couldn't imagine our lives without him in it. Even when it is the worst of times we get through it together and stand strong and work it out to make it the best of times. Our favorite thing to do is go in his room when he is sleeping and give him a kiss. He is such a hard sleeper and he moves around and it is so cute. He is growing up to fast and I know I am going to miss it and mom can't treat he like a baby he tells me so the only time I can is when he is sleeping. I just love to watch how precious he is when he sleeps and think God thank you for giving me this miracle. He has changed out lives forever and for the better and I can't thank you enough. He is our little gift from God. He has such a sense of humor, and loving way about him and he makes us laugh all the time and the things he says. We love him to death and would do absolutely anything for him. He is our whole world. I feel like we have come full circle.


  1. So glad things are going well. Sorry for the bad advice but all kids are different and what works for one may not work for another. At least you know that doesn't work for him and you can try something else. I haven't had to cool Jackson off in a long time. He is doing good and hasn't gotten violent in a while. Thank goodness.

  2. When he has a tantrum like that it must be really hard to not do something but I would look at him unimpressed and tell him that when he is finished with his fit he will do his time out. And then go do something else. (not far away, just not playing into his tantrum.