Monday, February 7, 2011

Back from our Florida trip of fun

We had a lot of fun in Florida. It was a well deserved vacation. I need the break from work and life in general just to enjoy our time as a family with out the interruption. We stayed at my in laws for 5 days then a Disney resort and it was awesome. I did see my mom and brother. I do have a little bit of negative to say about that. They got to my in laws house at 10 am and we had plans to go to Sea World. We they got lost so we got to Sea World around 11:15-11:30 with myself, Justin, my mom and brother. We had fun with Justin and around 2 my mom was asking if we could leave because she has to work tomorrow. She does start work at 5 in the bakery but it was 2:00 and she lives 1hours and 10 minutes away and only got to see us one day in a year. I said but Justin is having fun but she said both her and my brother had to work and that because they drove to see me and they have to drive home and they got lost asked if I could drive them home. Sure I got us to my in laws with the GPS help. We got to my in laws (who I consider more of my family they have always been there for me) and they asked my mom and brother if they wanted pizza for dinner and my mom and brother just wanted to go and my mom couldn't wait to see Curtis her husband and so they left it was like 3:30. She did mess up on something that I don't think she caught. When we had argued prior about her not seeing me she blamed it on not having vacation time and all this other stuff. Well she told me her vacation time was being used to go to New York for that wedding. Well when we (my mother in law and myself) were talking to her she slept and said she has a week vacation left because she knew her husband would be mad if she used her 1 week vacation on that wedding. Well that means she has another week vacation, you think she would even think about spending any of that time with my family who she saw for a total of 5 hours in a year when she sees and does stuff with her husband all the time. My husband always says what do you expect you know how your mom is but I would have thought after arguing with me that I wasn't going to see her and then I made it work so she would that she would think of us but no. Another thin that upset me was when we were in the car coming home Justin wanted to play and she kept complaining that she was tired and she didn't want to play and she just pretended to sleep. She sees Justin one time a year for 5 hours she couldn't just play with him in the car. If she is human she is going to regret this when he is older and wants nothing to do with her the way she is with him. I swear he was not being annoying or pushy or anything she just didn't want to play. She just wanted to have adult conversation and you can't always do that with a little one. OK we are done with that negative and thanks for letting me vent that out. Here are some pictures at Sea World.

This was Justin's favorite part. He loved the stingrays. He loved touching them and them splashing at him. He had such a blast feeding them and didn't want to leave them it was so cute.
Here's the dolphins Justin was in amazement of them I couldn't even get him to look at me for a picture because he was so amazed by them.

This is my brother, mom, Justin, myself and Tim when we got back from Sea World around 3:30 before they left we took a family picture.
This was us at the resort and Justin catching the rays and trying to get a tan. How cute is he?

This was cool the Lego store in Florida made a huge lego of Woody from Toy Story. Here Justin trying on a pair of Mickey ears.
Grandma's orange tree.
Disney castle. Family picture
We had a great time and lots of fun. Justin didn't want to come home he pretended to sleep in our suitcase. It was cute had to take his picture.

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  1. Sorry about your mom. I struggle with mine too and I've learned you just can't make them care like you want them too.
    Looks like the rest of your trip was fun.