Sunday, November 7, 2010

It is official HE IS OURS FOREVER!!! YEAH

We will start out with Halloween. This is us in his class for Halloween party I helped out. He was Dracula. Unfortunately he was sick that day so we went to the doctor and they said he had a sinus infection and the start of pink eye so we got him medicine right away to be better for Halloween. That is why he doesn't look so happy.This was Halloween. He was all better and ready to have a blast. Our first house was grandma and grandpa. He got a lot of candy and we went from 5 to 9 and it was fun I have is on video.
This was his 6th birthday 2 days after Halloween. I don't want to say anything negative because this was a joyous time but I don't want to make pretend that everything was perfect either for those who may think to foster to adopt. This is not to get anyone to steer away from fostering to adopt at all because it is a wonderful thing but with the ups of course comes the down and I want to be real because sometimes when you read blogs or hear people talk they sometimes want to make it as if it is such a perfect thing all the time that I sit back and say am I the only one going through this. The reason I bring this up was because for a week and a half before his finalization on November 5th to our family Justin acted up in such a way I have never ever seen before. He has had his moments but he just went to the end and just started to make me second guess if I can be a mom. I love him with all my heart but I felt almost like he was mad or didn't love us. Now I know he was just turning 6 and I know that is young and all he had gone through but it hurt and it hurt bad. He would snap on a dime and just be so mean and I mean he wouldn't listen and he is not normally like that at all. I know things had to be on his mind even though he would tell us they weren't. I can tell it was bitter sweat for him. I think from how I was asking questions he told me he would never want to go back to his old parents and he is going to live in our house forever and have his wife live here too he said (hahahah). But he gave us hell. When I said to go in a time out he wouldn't go I had to pick him up and carry him and he would be screaming, kicking and throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old. Then I get him in time out and he is mocking me and I tell him you better not step off that couch and what does he do jump off the couch and stare me down like what are you going to do about it. Then starts throwing things and going crazy. Although you see these smiles on his face especially on his birthday below that was the worst night and day and he went to bed crying to sleep. I felt horrible but how many warnings can you give. He was mean and rude to grandma, grandpa and us and very disrespectful we tried times outs while they were hear to see if he would improve but it just made him worse when he came back so unfortunately he went to bed crying but on a positive he I did try to give him a great day we went to any restaurant he wanted and we went to chuck e cheese and he had a blast and went to a party store to get stuff for his adoption party and he got little things as different stores we went to but there were a lot of warnings.
This is the birthday cake I made him for his birthday.FINALLY it is here. November 5th 2010 Justin is officially ours and the haven't seen a tantrum since. He is acting like his normal self with a little more love then before he loves to know he has our name and says it all the time and asks for family hugs and family time. It is really cute. This was on our adoption day. We are not saying gottcha day we leave that to October 5 th when he came into our home but it was adoption day for him and it was such a proud and happy moment but I have to admit it was very fast. It took like 7 minutes and that was it. But I am happy my in laws can come and celebrate with us it meant a lot. Yeah he is ours he is Justin Timothy
The next day November 6th was his adoption party. He had the time of his life. We had 82 people at our house we had a bounce house our trampoline, a pinyata and presents and lots of love. Hope you enjoy watching him have the time of his life as he enjoyed his party. I can't tell you enough that the day was awesome. There was so much love from people and so happy for him to be part of our family it was amazing. The only thing that was missing that I have to admit hurt was my mom not coming and being on board. Everyone was asking where she was and it hurt but all in all it was the best party. People gave me adoption plaques just for Tim and I and gave Justin a gift too. Someone gave a special picture frame that stated " you don't have to be born into a family to be a big part of one". Aww sweat. I also got a stepping stone that has our adoption invite picture that is one the cake below in a stepping stone that was beautiful that said Justin November 5 2010. It was just awesome. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.
It was so awesome. I have to laugh though because during this party I had one of my best girlfriends come up to me to tell me that her neighbor saw the adoption invitation didn't know that we adopted him and that she thought we had him and said that her friend fosters there 5 kids that are siblings and need a home and that even if I can adopt 2 that would help tremendously and that we of course would have to co mite to seeing the other siblings. Of course I would love to know the others would be adopted by someone too because I hate to separate sibling but I guess no one was willing to take all 5 and now they are trying to split them up. I would love to if I knew they others were adopted and I knew by who and would love if they were like us and wanted to see them see each other every opportunity they got because I feel that is important. She said she will tell me more details. You never know what can happen. I have actually put that on the back burner for a little while while we just wanted it to be official before we jumped into something else because a lot has been going on with work and Justin and Halloween, his birthday, adoption day and the party and the issues Justin was having we have scrapped the idea for more kids till everything became official. We laughed because of course it came up the day after Justin's adoption and that night after everyone left Justin's party he had no idea that my friend brought this up but he said "mom can we adopt a brother and a sister. I had so much fun playing with all these kids I think it would be so much fun to have a brother and a sister. I explained to him that there is a possibility but that he would have to understand he has to share everything with them what is his is there's and if it was one brother and 1 sister that the brother would have to share a room but then he was excited and said that would be cool then dad will buy us bunk bed." Then I asked him why a sister he said " because I can help take care of here and help. I thought this was ironic. He actually looks forward to having other kids in the home. Then he explained he had a lot of cousins he played with when he was with his old mom. So I guess he does really mean it. Well one chapter has closed and another one is just beginning and we will see where our journey takes us now. For now we are 3 strong. And we are so happy together. We are just having a blast. So we have had our ups and downs but experiencing where we are at now I am so happy I hung on for the ride. It was a roller coaster but I am on cloud nine right now. Can't explain this feeling but typing this tears fill my eyes with happiness. Until next time our journey has just begun. Yeah he is our forever!!!


  1. This is so wonderful!!! I'm thrilled for your family.

  2. congrats! sooooo exciting! :-)

    i'd really advise you to talk with his social worker & even a counselor before adding any more kids to the mix just yet. most places have a minimum 6 months (usually 12 months or even 18 months) before you're allowed to adopt again after an adoption is finalized. this is to allow the children to adjust to the family & the parents to see how the new family dynamic works before anyone else is added. if Justin is still having some behavior problems, he probably needs more adjustment time... and even if he's acting perfectly (or as well as any 6 year old can :-P) it's a big step. i'm NOT saying i think you shouldn't consider these children - not at all! and i'm in NO WAY trying to be critical... i'm just genuinely wanting to make sure you have input from someone outside the family who is a professional that can make sure it's the right step for ALL of you.

    whatever you decide, i know you love your son, and i'm sure it'll be the right decision for your family. :-)

    enjoy your little boy, knowing he will NEVER be taken from you! YAY!!!!!!!!

  3. I am a foster mom in utah, would it be possible to get info on the sibling group of five? (i found you blog through Savannah at countless tomorrows)