Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our court date for adoption is here yeah!!!!

I am sorry it has been so long. So much has been going on I have had no time even for myself. Lets start out by saying my sister in laws wedding September 18th was awesome. Justin had blast. I actually meet someone from my blog. I meet Rebekkah from "Heart Cries" and I knew she lived not that far from me but what are the chances she would be at my sister in laws wedding. Well I guess pretty good. We were in the bathroom I was fixing my hair and she was washing her hands and I looked right at her like I knew her just not sure where from then it hit me my blog. I have been following her blog ever since she went to pick up her sweet Ty. It was awesome. We talked so much. She actually is looking into fostering to adopt now and it was great. I beat some of you are thinking how was she at the wedding but her husband works with my brother in law. Any way we had an awesome time.

We were kind of down because we were hoping we would have got the answer about the appeal before the wedding so we can cut loose and just relax because you can feel everyone had a little tension. You know how things go the adoption worker and the social worker both said you will find out between 2 day to a week. Well the appeal date for them to go over the case was September 15. The wedding was the 18th. So we were squirming but I didn't let my sister or brother in law see at all. I was the made of honor so I had a job to do. I did dance the night away I tried the best I could to push the appeal to the back of my head but it was so hard watching everyone enjoy Justin and have such a good time it would have been awesome to announce that Justin is ours.

Any way 2 weeks went by with no answer. I had my mother in law asking and my sister in law in Fiji calling to see if we heard. It was kind of scaring me because you would think if you got good news it would come kind of quick but if they were going against the appeal it would be longer to know. So I was freaking my self out. We checked the court of appeals website no joke 5-7 times a day to get an answer. Finally I broker down on September 30 crying that I just want this all to be over and I am so sick of this I wish my dad was here. I started really missing my dad. I wanted his support he always had for me. My mom by the way didn't even ask any time she was on the phone about Justin or even if there was an appeal so she just didn't ask anything. So that night I prayed and prayed to my dad to please get me through this we love this little guy so much I can't imagine my life without him. I checked the computer one last time to see if anything was posted and nothing.

I woke up the next day and said today is going to be a good day. I was going to work and leaving work early to help in Justin's class room for apple day. Before I left for work that day I decided not to look on the computer as to not be upset or turn the day because I did enough of that the day before. I was at work and I got a call from the adoption worker that the appeal was denied and Justin was ours and we can now process to adopt him. She called October 1. I was so excited I was crying at work (luckily I was leaving early) and just so emotional I couldn't even work. I call Tim and he was over the moon to. I e-mail everyone at work I had a lot of work friends crying. It was just awesome. So then I went to Justin's school and I debated with Tim weather to tell him or wait till after school because I didn't know how he would react. I knew that he would have mixed feeling excited to be ours but kind of down that it is all over and he for sure would never see his parents again. He must have picked it up when I was there because he kept asking what happened mom. I kept telling him I will tell you when we get home but we will go out to dinner where ever you wanted that night. So finally I told him because he just wouldn't stop hounding me and I was excited to. He was so excited. He jumped in my arms and just kept hugging me and telling me I love you mommy. He had never called me mommy. He always just calls me mom. He didn't want to let go of me. I also didn't want to let go of him but he was at school and the parents that helped had to leave. I also had a lot of errands to run. We went out to eat that night with grandma and grandpa too. It was a memorable day one I will never forget October 1.

Then I was told by the social worker and adoption worker that we will have a court day in two weeks. Well the social worker mailed everything to the court on October 1 and we waited and waited. They told us it would either be October 22 or 29. So my mother in law and me bought all these Halloween themed stuff. The reason the date was so important to me is because we wanted to do his adoption party the Saturday after his adoption in court. I also didn't want it to be to cold outside as I was hoping to rent a bouncer for the kids and all. Well we got the call this past Thursday finally on October 14 which is 2 weeks from when we found out that the date was for November 19th (and no this isn't adoption day). So I was questioning why so long. Why do we have to wait another month or actually over a month for a court day when they have court dates open in 2 weeks. I am just rushing this because I want it to be finial. I know in my heart he is ours I just don't want some things to happen in that time so I just want it all to happen and be final. So I when I called the adoption worker she said she is already talking to them to see what was up. She told me yesterday that in the case of an appeal they can't do anything for 28 days because I didn't understand this part but I guess if birth dad wanted to appeal again for it to go higher he can. Come on. He hasn't seen his son in over a year and Justin is scared to death of him. I just want him to please just go away. So the good news is the court moved the date to NOVEMBER 5 so the party will be the 6th. I told my husband about this appeal thing and I am sorry if people disagree but they give patents way to many rights. And if I could tell you everything that happened Justin should have been out of there at birth. But the system is the system without going into detail I just can't believe he can appeal this again. SO please pray smooth sailing from here on out. November 5th can't come quick enough but yeah.

During this court date waiting time our "Gotcha Day" was October the 5th. He had him one year that day. Again he was able to pick where he wanted to go to eat and he was able to pick up any toy he wanted ( by the way he picked a $6 cowboy gun set). We had ice cream and movie night at our house with our pj's on and the blankets on the couch it was awesome that one year ago he came into our lives to change them for the better forever. I am currently making him a scrapbook I am hoping to finish before his adoption party and I had an idea on the last page to put a picture of all 3 of us on a white paper and have everyone that came to the party to sign it as all these people are rooting for you and supporting you and loving you. I thought that would be a good idea and like I told him when he is older he can keep it and remember how much we love him and support him. Because when he is a teen he will probably for get all these little times and maybe start having questions about his old parents as he is already starting to forget things about them.

Also Justin's birthday is coming the first week in November too he will be 6. Sorry this is so long but I haven't been on in a long time and had to catch you all up. I also might be getting raise and a change in positions. I took my CPC (certified professional coder) test to be certified which is a hard test and it is 5hr 30 minutes long and you have a minute and a half per question and I passed that in June. So I wanted a certified coding job. Well I have been looking at job and been on interviews and actually got 2 job offerings but turned them down for what was being offered and my big company actually told us in the meeting this week they are going to the big boss to get a coding job approved and then will hire for a certified coder. I talked to my manager who said she knew that was going to spark an interest to me and the position is extremely challenging but if I am up for it she defiantly would like me to have the position but it has to get approved first and she said she doesn't see an issue with that. So yeah. Things seem to be on an up swing now. I finally feel I am getting my life in order. The is the best feeling I have had in a long time and I just am praying the 28 days goes by with no appeals and no more stress. yeah.

Anyway I have to get going I promise the Justin's school that we would be there this morning at 9 am on a Saturday (uggh) to help clean and maintain the outside of the school. I want to show Justin you have to help out your community and if you don't do it no one will and it makes your school look nicer and it is a good thing to do and you feel good doing it at the end of the day. Until then here is some pictures I will leave you with I know he has grown so much. :)


  1. So glad to hear an update! :) Congratulations. You will be finalizing 5 days before us. So happy for your family.

  2. So crazy meeting up in the bathroom at a wedding!! :) All three of you are a delight and the true picture of joy. I'm so thrilled for you that everything is FINALLY official. Thank you for changing our world one child at a time!!

  3. I'm so glad you finally have a court date! I know he is yours, but its just nice to have the court recognize it too. He's been yours since the day you got him. :) You're pictures are cute. You look so cute dressed up for the wedding and I love the picture of him holding the fish!

  4. What a cute young man. Congrats on your adoption!