Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good weekend

We had a great weekend I will try to post pics later this week but Justin had a ball up north and his graduation from small 5's on Thursday was excellent. I am going to miss that teacher they had the most memorable graduation and so cute. I kept calling him my little grad. I was so proud of him. He had to much fun up north fishing with dad and playing on swings, baseball and basketball and swimming. He didn't want to leave. It was nice because it gave me time to actually stand back and reflect on everything. I usually dwell on stuff but I was actually reflecting. Like looking in the back of the truck on the way up north saying this time last year I was saying I can't wait till I can look back there and see a little one back there and he was there and it felt great. Lots of our family and friends went up and they were playing with Justin and I just sat back and watched and enjoyed his joy he was having and he contagious laugh kills me. I couldn't stop smiling listening to that laugh he has. I was sitting there saying I love this and this is what I have been waiting for. It was nice to finally step back and get to enjoy everything rather then have stress and go go go. Justin did all weekend though beg for a brother or sister. He was the only child up north with like 20 adults. He was playing with adults but they don't play the same way with him as another child does. My mother in law was saying don't you wish you could rent a child for the weekend I just had to laugh.
By the way I saw the cutes kids ever and wish I knew someone that lived by me that was interested in adopting. I saw these cute kids on northwest adoption exchange under Idaho and there are 4 kids ranged from 2-6. I would have taken two of them in a heart beat and I would have hoped to have found someone who wanted to adopt 2 as well so that the kids could visit each other frequently. I know I defiantly love keeping kids together and I love kids but my husband would never go for 4 kids on top of having Justin he would tell me I am insane. Our life style is go go go. In the summer we go up north every weekend to clean cottages and then sports with Justin but even if I adopted the 2 older girls and someone I knew adopted the 2 younger. I know it was a thought that I shared that crossed my mind but I don't really know anyone and I wish I did. I thought that was a great idea but again it was just a thought but if you do know anyone that would be willing to adopt 4 kids together they are cute as can be .

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  1. It really is nice to get away from the go go go. It will help with the bonding with Justin too. I am so glad you had a wonderful time.

    I too used to look at the adoption photo listings and have dreams of my own. I always dreamed of adopting one of the larger sibling groups on there and my hubby thought I was crazy and said only one, MAYBE two. Well, we are now really close to adopting a sibling set of 4.

    The difference is that they didn't come all at one time. Two came 19 months ago, another 15 months ago and another 3 months ago. God's way of sneaking them in on us, slowly :). LOL

    God's will not mine. But I couldn't be happier.

    Just a suggestion: I really enjoy reading your blog but I lose my place often and have to figure out what line I am on. I would make it easier on us "old" readers if you add in blank lines between thought changes or every 4-5 lines.

    I am not in anyway trying to criticize or be bossy. Just a thought. It is something I do on my blog to help my readers and thought I would share my little tip.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am so happy for you and your hubby. You sound like a really sweet couple and you are doing a great job with Justin.