Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sorry for the short posting

Sorry everyone if this ends up short then usual. I am going on vacation starting tomorrow (Friday) after work for a week up north. I can't wait to go on vacation and I just had to drop this line before I left because I didn't want people to think I had dropped off the face of the earth but I was extremely busy getting packed today and cleaning my house since when I get back it will only be a couple of days till my second home study. Yeah 2 more week. I remember reporting that and it was 4 weeks and that felt like forever away. Half way there now. I am very excited to leave I need a vacation the stress of life and work is really starting to hit me hard lately where I get crabby sometimes just because. I think it is I just need a vacation to get away and not think of the stressful life at home. Leave up north and shut off my cell phone, computer and any contact with the stress of the outside world. It feels like I am running away from home. Hahaha. But in a good way. I promise when I come back I will post pictures of our time up north and sunsets and the cute little girl that I posted in that wedding blog they are going up north along with all of our other friends that go up every year on this week. One more thing I was meaning to mention I was coming home today and I saw a rainbow and of course you all know what I wished and I wished the picture came up better but it was beautiful. My Birthday is coming on August 23 and I will be 28. I hope that my birthday finally comes through on my wish to be a mother. Also on August 28 we will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. Yeah
Hope August brings some other good things but until then I will talk to you next week when I come back and hope you all have a good weekend and nice week. :)


  1. My profile intrest links still aren't working, but I think I found a discussion board. I just posted a question, hopefully I get a response and they get it fixed. I'll let you know what I hear.
    Are you on facebook or twitter? On Facebook look for Savannah Christensen and on twitter it is sourbonk.