Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meet Riley Paige

I know I know. It has been forever. I am so so sorry. I have not imagined how my life would change. Between the new position I got in August and meeting Riley in August and she came to our home in September and Justin also started school. Also Halloween, Justin's gottcha day his birthday, Christmas, new year and now we are leaving in a week for Florida it has been busy.

Well you all if you remember know that we choose the name Riley Paige. Her mom gave up her rights and dad didn't want to step forward to take a paternity test or anything so his rights were terminated in October. I meet her for the first time on my 30th birthday at her 3 month doctor appointment which is the first picture below. Then Tim meet her on a Monday the day after our 7 year wedding Anniversary. Another cool fact is she was born in May on my husbands birthday. Below you will see pictures from the first time I meet her the first time Tim meet her and so on till Christmas. When rights were terminated on dad the adoption worker came in and in December she sent our adoption paper work to Lansing and as of yesterday we got it back. Which is exciting. They consider that she is adopted by us but it is not by the court to change her name legally till March which would make it 6 months in our home. It feels like she has always been here though. We have enjoyed so much with her. I now have some time. I never got to take my family leave and now that my in laws left for Florida for 3 months I took an intermittent leave meaning I work 21 hours a week vrs 40 or more. I wanted to take it for the full time 3 month leave but I couldn't for many reasons. One being I don't get paid the full 3 months then when I would get back I wouldn't get paid for another 2-3 months just paying back the insurance. Another reason I wouldn't have enough time in my bank to take our vacation in July I take every year so I was kind of stuck in this position. But it is nice to have a little extra time with her. We started swim class last week. That was fun. It basically gets her use to the water. I know she has the bath but that is alot different then the pool. So we are having fun. She is 8 months now. Justin just adors her. Of course she doesn't get into his stuff yet. She refuses to crawl she rolls every where and likes us to hold her hand so she can walk. She doesn't have the concept yet that if she lets go of the couch or throws her self on the ground when she is sitting that mom will always catch her. She loves to eat and has a sassy ness about her. It is cute to see her personality. She is fun and cute and my little girl. I love having a boy and a girl and they just love each other she looks up to Justin and he makes he laugh like no one else can. I don't know the next time I will be on it is all when I have time and maybe she is sleeping. But I wanted to all update you because I haven't been on this in a long time and I just want to enjoy the time I have with her because they grow up fast and I don't want to miss a beat. Until then hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This is my birthday and the first day I got to lay eyes on her she was 3 months old

This was the day after our Anniversary August 29 and Tim meet her for the first time. We are at DHS in this picture making up the plan of when she would go home with us forever.

This was our first day visit at our house with her

This is the first day she came to stay with us and the first day Justin meet his sister
She turned 4 months this day and the carrier was a life saver at the time

Justin wanting to hold his sister after she got out of a bath

Riley turned 5 months and we had to loosen the straps on her car seat

Riley just being cute and was just kind of learning to sit up

We carved pumpkins and at 5 months she was small enough to fit in one.
Riley was a pumpkin for Halloween I know fitting and Justin a Detroit baseball player Justin Verlander

Sorry this picture is out of order but Riley turned 5 months in this picture too with brother
Riley helping mommy with the laundry

Riley is 6 months here and she meet Santas for the first time when we went to the bass pro shop

This day she actually turned 6 months because we took her 6 month pictures and Christmas pictures together on this day

This day she turned 7 months sorry I didn't upload pictures this month so I don't have eight months pictures.
Riley in a diaper and socks helping mom with laundry

Christmas eve the kids were having fun. Riley as a Santa and Justin her helper.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures sorry I don't have Christmas and this months pictures but I will try next time to get those on.


  1. Congratulations!!! She is precious. I could just eat little fat cheeks up. Justin looks so proud. So happy for you!

  2. So glad for the update. I thought about you the other and worried since it had been so long; I'm glad its because you have been so busy. She is a doll and I love all the picture of her and Justin. CONGRATS!

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